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Curriculum Vitae

10 most important publications


János Mihály BAK

Professor Emeritus
history of ideas & institutions


10 most important publications

János M. Bak’s bibliography was published in „...The Man of Many Devices, Who Wandered Full Many Ways...” Festschrift in Honor of János M. Bak., Balázs Nagy and Marcell Sebők (eds.), Budapest, CEU Press, 1999, 697-706.(1960-1998), and in the Annuals of the Medieval Studies at CEU (1999-2003)

Königtum und Stände in Ungarn im 14-16. Jahrhundert, Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte des östlichen Europas, M. Hellmann (ed.), Vol. 6, Wiesbaden: Steiner, 1973, 195 p.

(ed.), The German Peasant War of 1525, Cass: London, 1976; Originally a special issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies 3 (October, 1975); “’The Peasant War in Germany’ by Friedrich Engels--125 Years After,”, Ibid.: 89-98.

(ed. and transl. of several articles with B. K. Király), From Hunyadi to Rákóczi: War and Society in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hungary , Brooklyn, N.Y.: Brooklyn College Press, [Brooklyn College Series on Society in Change, Vol. 12], 545 p.; “Politics, Society and Defense in Late Medieval Hungary,” Ibid., 1-22.

Medieval Narrative Sources. A Chronological Guide (with a list of major letter collections), with the ass. of H. Quirin and P. Hollingsworth, New York-London: Garland, 1987, XVIII, 117 p. [in German: Mittelalterliche Geschichtsquellen in chronologischer öbersicht, nebst einer Auswahl von Briefsammlungen in Zusammenarb, m. H. Quirin und P. Hollingsworth, (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1987), 128 p.]

with Gy. Bónis and J. R. Sweeney, Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae I: The Laws of Medieval Hungary Vol. 1 (1000-1301), Irvine, CA: J. Schlacks, Jr., 1989, 315 p.; revised 2nd edition: Los Angeles: Schlacks, 1999

with J. R. Sweeney and P. Engel, Decreta Regni Mediavalis Hungariae--The Laws of Medieval Hungary , Vol. II, 1301-1458, Salt Lake City: Schlacks, 1993, 500 p. [The Laws of Hungary, Ser. 1, vol. 2.]

with L. S. Domonkos and P. B. Harvey, Jr., The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary/Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae Vol. 3 (1458-1490), Los Angeles: Schlacks, 1996, xxxv, 225 p.

“Hungary: Crown and Estates,” in The New Cambridge Medieval History Vol. VII. c. 1415-c.1500, ed.: Ch. Allamand, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998, 707-26.

“Studien zum Kleinadel Ostmitteluropas im Mittelalter: Proben aus der Werkstatt junger Historiker” [Preface to research dossier] “Nobility in Medieval Central Europe—A Comparative Approach” containing 10 papers edited by J.M. Bak, written by participants of a research project 1996–99, led by J.M. Bak and supported by CEU Research Grant, East-Central Europe/l’Europe du centre-est: Eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift 29 (2002, 1–2): 131–4, resp. 135–248.

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