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Curriculum Vitae

List of Publications



Associate Professor, Head of Department


Curriculum Vitae

University education

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Major: philosophy (5 years)
Minors: physics (1 year), Hungarian (4 years), classics (3 years)
Diploma (MA)


Hungarian Philology

Previous occupation

1 Sept. 2001 – 31 July 2007
associate professor (docens) at the Dept. of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

1 Sept. 1992 – 31 July 2001
adjunct professor (adjunktus) at the Dept. of Metaphysics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

lecturer, Fac. of Humanities, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, Hungary

CSc (Candidate of Science, Hung. Acad. Scient., PhD equivalent)

Proclus: The elements of physics. Translation, commentary and studies. (1996) Supervisor: dr Kornél Steiger, ELTE Univ. (Reviewers: dr Péter Lautner, Hung. Acad. of Sciences.; dr István Perczel, Central European University).

Thesis for diploma (MA)

Grace, predestination and infant baptism in the Pelagian controversy between 414 and 418. Supervisor: K.Vidrányi, Hung. Acad. of Scient. Submitted and defended in 1981

Postgraduate scholarships

British Council Research Fellow, Hilary Term. Pembroke College, Oxford

Osteuropastipendiat, Université de Fribourg, Suisse, 10 months

Visiting Graduate Student, Oxford, St. Edmund Hall

Teaching experience

Has been teaching for 25 years, both on the undergraduate and graduate level. Has had experience both with students in philosophy majors and minors (joint honours). Lectured both in Hungarian and in English, in Liverpool, Budapest and the USA (Rutgers University). Gave lectures also in German and French.

Courses taught (selection)

Plato (with H. Robinson)

Medieval Philosophy (ELTE, Liverpool, CEU)

Philosophy in the patristic period (ELTE)

Classical metaphysics (ELTE)

Mental language theories, medieval and modern (with Zs. Zvolenszky) (ELTE)

Bible for Medievalists (CEU)

Spiritual manuals in Eastern and Western Christianity (with I. Perczel) (CEU)

Theories for prayer from Origen to Ignatius of Loyola (CEU)

Reading philosophical Latin (ELTE, CEU)

Early Christianity, Apocrypha, Gnosis (ELTE)

Carl Schmitt and Political theology (PhD course at ELTE)

Introduction to medieval logic (Petrus Hispanus and Albert of Saxony) (ELTE)

Speculative grammar in the Middle Ages (Thomas de Erfordia) (ELTE)

Natural philosophy in the Middle Ages (Movement, time, space) (ELTE)

Aristotle: Physics (ELTE)

Ockham, Sentences, Prologue and question I. (ELTE)

Introduction to the philosophy of religion (ELTE)

The theological origins of Hungarian national symbolism (Rutgers University)

Extra-curricular teaching activities

since 2005
Tutor, Erasmus College, research group Religion, Tradition, Modernity

Tutor in philosophy at the "Invisible College" (a special body of gifted students)

Invitations and visiting lecturerships

University of Olomouc (Czech Republic), The Protevangelium Jacobi. 2 lectures, January

University of Cluj (Romania), Medieval Philosophy. 3 lectures in May

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), 1 lecture during the 2nd semester. Invited by the director of EHESS, prof. Alain Boureau.

University of Velyko Trnovo (Bulgaria), Medieval Platonism. 3 lectures in November

Fulbright Foundation, Lecturing Grant, Rutgers University, 9 month awarded. 6 months, 2nd semester realised. Center for Russian and East Central European Studies.

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), 3 lectures during the 1st semester. Invited by the director of EHESS, prof. Alain Boureau.

Department of Philosophy, University of Liverpool, 2nd semester. An accredited course on Medieval philosophy. Also taught in the courses: Darwin, Marx, Freud and Hellenistic philosophy (on the invitation of prof. Stephen L. Clark)

Department of Philosophy, University of Liverpool, 1st semester. 2 courses (Plato and Introduction to medieval philosophy) (on the invitation of prof. Stephen L. Clark and Howard Robinson)

Invited speaker

conference of the Society for the Study of Theology, to be held in Durham from 31 March - 3rd April

Intellectual relations between Greeks and Latins in the later Middle Ages (1204-1500). University of Cyprus, Nicosia. May. (Org. M. Hinterberger, Chris Schabel)

Academic awards

Széchenyi Professorship Award, Hungarian Ministry of Education

MTA-Soros Foundation


British Council Research Fellow, Hilary Term. Pembroke College, Oxford

Osteuropastipendiat, Université de Fribourg, Suisse, 10 months

Visiting Graduate Student, Oxford, St. Edmund Hall, academic year


Religious Studies Project, Scientific director, NKTH [National Office for Research and Technology] Jedlik Ányos Grant

Digitizing Hungarian philosophical texts (OTKA)

Religiöse Apologien, philosophische Argumentation. A two-year research program with the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt a.M. Fachbereich Evangelische Theologie, Martin-Buber-Stiftungprofessur für Jüdische Philosophie. First conference: 15-17 September 2001. 2nd conf: 4-6 July 2002. Director: Yosset Schwarz (Jerusalem-Frankfurt). – contribution of two papers.

Universals and theory of knowledge from Plato to the Middle Ages. Hungarian Science Fond Research Grant. (OTKA F 13944)

History of speculative theology in the late antique, medieval and early modern age. Hungarian Science Fond Research Grant. (OTKA no. 951)Participant.

Philosophical Theology teaching program at the Univ. of Pécs, Humanities Reform Grant of the Soros Foundation, Hungary. Director.

Program director

September 2006 – August 2007
Religious studies, ELTE Faculty of Humanities

Other organizational work

June 2003 - December 2003
Advisor to the minister, Ministry Education (Hungary), (on matters of higher education)

January 1996 - June 1988
Advisor to the minister, Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary), (on matters of higher education)

January 1992 - October 1993
Advisor to the Board, Higher Education Support Program, Central European University.

May 1990 - July 1992
Hungarian Director, Civic Education Project (startup director of a Yale University based social science teaching exchange program, university level)

Earlier public lectures

‘Plato, Porphyry and the Protevangelium Jacobi.’ Hungarian Classical Society, biannual conference, University of Pécs, 19-21 May

The cave and the light. Plato, Porphyry and the Protevangelium Jacobi. Read at the conference Intellectus quaerens (2nd K. Vidrányi Commemorative conference) 18-19. November, at the University of Pécs, Hungary.

Duns Scotus on the filioque. An attempt to abandon the Western position on a key issue in the theological debate against the Greeks? Read at the conference: Constructing and deconstructing frontiers. At the Central European University, Budapest, 25-27, February.

What is medieval Platonism? Lecture at the Hungarian Philosophical Society, Octobre.

The avatars of medieval Platonism. Delivered at the Marsilio Ficino conference, Pazmany Peter Catholic Univeristy, Piliscsaba.

The visio beatifica controversy and its Eastern background. Lecture in the series Byzantium and the rest of Europe. In memoriam G. Kazhdan. Central Europan University, 16 January.

Creation out of nothing. The scholastic interpretations. Delivered at the Stapledon Society, Liverpool, 18 November. (In English)

The Creatio ex nihilo from Bonaventure to Marsilius of Inghen: A Case Study in the Development of Scholastic Methodology. Lecture delivered at the symposium: Issues in Medieval Philosophy. A symposium in Honor of Richard C. Dales. Feb. 23-4, Claremont, Los Angeles (In English)

Homo est animal risibilis. (Pagan, Jewish and Christian theologies of laughter: Homer, Plato, Rabbi Akiba, Proclus and Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain.) Delivered at the commemorative conference dedicated to Katalin Vidrányi (1945-1993) on the first anniversary of her death. Pecs,17-18 October)

Universals with a Human Face: Putnam's realism in a medieval context. Lecture delivered in the Sussex University Philosophy Society. 12 February. (In English)

Proclus' The elements of physics. Lecture delivered at the Classical Society, Institute of Classical Studies, London, 9 February. (In English)

Facinus de Asti on evident truth. (Questiones in libros Physicorum I.1.). Delivered at the colloquium Wechselwirkungen zwischen Theologie und Philosophie im 14nten Jahrhundert. Budapest, 7-8 October. (In English)

Zur Rekonstruktion der mittelalterlichen Logik. Mit spezieller Rücksicht auf Thomas Aquinas. Vortrag gehalten im Auftrag auf der Freiburger Philosophischen Gesellschaft, Freiburg i.d. Schweiz, 8. January. (In German)

On the history of divine infinity. (Robert Holcot, Peter of Ailly and Gregory of Rimini and the background of the deus fallens arguments.) Delivered at the conference: The metaphysical point of view. Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, 16-17 December. (In Hungarian)

Immediate sunt partes continui. The grammar of 14th century logical physics. Delivered at the Ninth European Symposium for Medieval Logic and Semantics, St.Andrews, 25-29 June. (In English)

A mathematical model and an interpretation of the First Way of St.Thomas Aquinas. (With S. Kiss) Delivered at the conference: Meaning and interpretation, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, 12-14 Oktober. (In Hungarian)

Nec phalernum canes. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Hermolaus Barbarus and Melanchton on the value of scholastic philosophy. Delivered at the bi-annual Hungarian Renaissance Conference at Pécs, 15-18 May. (In Hungarian)

Board member

Religious Studies Program, CEU

Professional Memberships

Magyar Filozófiai Társaság [Hungarian Philosophical Association]
Ókortudományi Társaság [Classical Society]

Patrisztikus Társaság (alapító tag) [Hungarian Patristic Society] (founding member)

Ókortudományi Társaság (Classical Society)

Other Memberships

Hungarian Oxford Society

Fulbright Almuni Association

Magyar Madártani Egyesület [Hungarian Ornithological Society] (founding member, 1974-)

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