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Thursday, October 14
Friday, October 15
Saturday, October 16
14-16 October, 2004

Medieval and Early Modern Queens and Queenship: Questions of Income and Patronage

CEU, Monument Building, Gellner Room


Medieval Studies Department

Contact person(s):
Orsolya Réthelyi & Attila Bárány

E-mail: &

Thursday, October 14

Keynote Lecture I
Chair: József Laszlovszky (CEU, Budapest)

Amalie Fößel (University of Bayreuth)
The Queen's Wealth in the Middle Ages

Session I: Reginal Household & Property I
Chair: Attila Bárány (University of Debrecen)

István Draskóczy (ELTE University, Budapest)
Die Besitze der ungarischen Königinnen im 15. Jahrhundert und Diósgyőr

Theresa Earenfight (Seattle University)
The Queen’s Treasury in the Crown of Aragon in the Later Middle Ages

Maria Paula Marçal Lourenço (University of Lisbon)
Early Modern Portuguese Queens: Dynastic Politics and Household

Session II : Reginal Household & Property II
Chair: Judith Rasson (CEU, Budapest)

Ryan Lavelle (King Alfred College, Winchester)
The King's Wife and Family Property Strategies: The Case of Late Anglo-Saxon Wessex, 871-1066

Dick Harrison (Lund University)
Household, Network and Land. The Bases of Power of Early Medieval Queens

Lois L. Huneycutt (University of Missouri)
The Households of England’s Anglo-Norman Queens

Session III: Income & Finances
Chair: Johannes Niehoff-Panagitidis (CEU, Budapest)

Matthew J. Clear (independent scholar, Barcelona)
Sancia of Majorca (1286-1345) Queen of Sicily, Provence and Jerusalem: a Shining Example of Financial and Administrative Acumen

Maria Manuela Santos Silva (University of Lisbon)
Private Properties, Seigniorial Tributes and Jurisdictional Rents: the income of the Queens of Portugal in the Middle Ages

Ana Maria S. A. Rodrigues (University of Lisbon)
At the Economic Foundations of Queenship: The Dowers and Dowries of Portuguese Medieval Queens

Session IV: Queenship & Politics
Chair: Gábor Klaniczay (CEU, Budapest & Collegium Budapest)

Márta Font (University of Pécs)
Kievan Princesses - Hungarian Queens in the 11th-12th Centuries and their Influence in Hungary

Mary Stroll (University of California, San Diego)
Three Queens and Calixtus II

László Szende (Hungarian National Museum, Budapest)
Mitherrscherin oder einfach Königinmutter? Elisabeth von Polen in Ungarn (1320–1380)

Marianne Sághy (CEU, Budapest)
Diplomatic Devotions: The Pilgrimages of Elizabeth Lokietek the Dowager Queen

Joanna Chodor (Catholic University, Lublin)
Legal Status of Women in Medieval Poland with special reference to Ownership Rights and Inheritance Law

Friday, October 15

Keynote Lecture II
Chair: János Bak (CEU, Budapest)

Karl-Heinz Spiess (University of Greifswald)
European Royal Marriages in the Late Middle Ages. Marriage Treaties,Questions of Income, Cultural Transfer

Session V: Patronage: Piety & Learning
Chair: Marianna D. Birnbaum (UCLA)

Alexandra Gajewski (Courtauld Institute of Art, London)
Queenship and the Power of Death: Blanch of Castile and the Twin Foundations of Maubuisson and Le Lys

Joan A. Holladay (University of Texas, Austin)
By the Book: Fourteenth-Century French Queens Collecting and Sharing Codices

Aislinn Loconte (University of Oxford)
Collegium Disciplinatorum Sanctae Marthae:Queen Margherita di Durazzo and the Church and Confraternity of Santa Marta in Naples

Elizabeth Danbury (University College London)
edieval English Queens and Royal Ladies as Patrons of Learning: The Queen’s College Oxford and Queens’ College Cambridge

Tünde Wehli (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
La reine Béatrice: bibliophile ou usager de livre?

Session VI: Art Patronage
Chair: Marianne Sághy (CEU, Budapest)

Katie Keene (Southern Methodist University, Dallas)
The Piety and Patronage of Margaret of Scotland

Patricia Dark (St Hilda’s College, Oxford)
‘Tota regionis reginam metropolim’: Sources and Uses of Queen Matilda of Boulogne's London Patronage

Eileen Mckiernan Gonzales (Berea College, Kentucky)
The Building Power of Iberian Queens: Monastic Patronage and Burial Practice at the End of the Twelfth Century in Aragón and Castilla

Núria Silleras-Fernández (University of California Santa Cruz)
The Economy of Reputation: Patronage, Piety and Liberality in Late Medieval Spanish Queenship

Departure to Buda Castle
Venue: Budapest Historical Museum, “Gothic Hall”

Guided tour of the gothic statue find
by András Végh (curator)

The afternoon sessions and the reception is sponsored by the
Budapest Historical Museum (BTM)

Session VII: Pacta Matrimonialia
Chair: Gerhard Jaritz (CEU, Budapest & Institute of Medieval and Post-medieval Material Culture, Krems)

György Szabados (University of Szeged)
Constance of Aragon – Queen of the First Hungarian Marriage Contract

Urszula Borkowska (Catholic University, Lublin)
Marital Contracts of the House of Jagiellon

Jaroslava Hausenblasova (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
Anna von Jagiello und ihr Hof 1521-1547. Ein Weg von der Erzherzogin von Österreich zur Römischen Königin

Session VIII: Royal Treasures
Chair: Orsolya Réthelyi (CEU, Budapest)

Zoltán Czövek (University of Debrecen)
A Source on the History of Hungarian Royal Treasure from 1521

Martina Kalábová (University of Bratislava)
Das Witwengut der Ungarischen Koeniginen in der Mittelslowakei

Gerhard Jaritz (CEU, Budapest & Institute of Medieval and Post-medieval Material Culture, Krems)
The Queen and her Jewels

Concert: Voces Aequales vocal ensemble
Reginal Music in the 16th Century

Co-sponsored by
Monarchia Matt International, Monarchia Wines

Saturday, October 16

Session IX: Income and Patronage II
Chair: Katalin Szende (CEU, Budapest)

Attila Bárány (University of Debrecen)
The Finances of Queen Yolantha of Aragon, Daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary

Szilárd Süttő (University of Miskolc)
Als die Königin König hätte sein sollen. Die possessio reginalis in einer königslosen Zeit Ungarns

Orsolya Réthelyi (CEU, Budapest)
Marriage Contracts and Possessions of Late Medieval Hungarian Queens

Jacqueline Kerkhoff (Museum Het Catharijneconvent, Eindhoven)
Das Frauenzimmer (1516-1521) Kaiserin Anna und Königin Maria in Wien und Innsbruck

Excursion (optional): Veszprém, Hungarian Reginal City
guided by Edit Sárosi

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