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Wednesday, 16th September
Thursday, 17th September
September 16-17, 2009

Ecclessiastical Topography in East -Central europe. Methods, Problems, and Possibilities

Karoli Gaspar Calvinist University and Central European University


Chair of Auxiliary Sciences in History of the Károli Gáspár Calvinist University and Department of Medieval Studies of the Central European University

Contact person(s):
Beatrix Romhanyi and Jozsef Laszlovszky


The Department of Medieval History of the Károli Gáspár Calvinist University together with the Department of Medieval Studies of the Central European University are pleased to announce that they are organizing an international conference on ecclestiastical topography. The meeting is scheduled to take place in the second half of September 2009, and is intended to be part of a series of follow-up conferences in the future. The conference’s subject will be methodology of ecclesiastical topography (possibilities and difficulities of using historical, art and architectural historical and archaeological sources), as well as the presentation of larger, comprehensive works concerning Southern and Central Europe. Beside the lectures there will be a poster session too, where actual smaller works can bepresented.
All interested parties are invited to express their intention of participation. Please send your applications to the conference’s electronic address (see below) along with a title of your presentation.
The languages of the lectures and posters may be English or German.

Wednesday, 16th September

Károli Gáspár Calvinist University, ‘Bod Péter’ Library

Greeting by Prof. András SZABÓ, Dean of the Philosophical Faculty

10.00: Morning session

LASZLOVSZKY József: Monasteriologia and ecclesiastical topographies. Theoretical and methodological issues

SZAKÁCS Béla Zsolt: Ecclesiastical architecture of the Árpád-era at Transdanubia

Bibiana POMFYOVÁ: ie Sakraltopographie im Frühmittelalter. Großmähren als Beispiel

12.00 Lunch break

13.00: Afternoon session

F. ROMHÁNYI Beatrix: Monastic topography as reflected in the written and in the archaeological sources

Mihaela Sanda SALONTAI: Visual documents and drawings as sources in mediaeval buildings research: The cases of the Dominican convent at Cluj and the Lutheran church at Sibiu

HUNYADI Zsolt: A digital ecclesiastical topography of medieval Hungary

16.00 Guided walk
The ecclesiastical topography of medieval Buda, organised with the colleagues of the Budapest History Museum

Thursday, 17th September

Central European University, Gellner Room

9.00 Morning session I

BOTÁR István: The medieval ecclesiastical organisation in the eastern border of the catholic area (Csík-Transylvania-Romania)

SZŐCS Péter Levente: Parishes and monasteries in Counties of Szatmár, Szabolcs and Bihar

FERENCZI László: A Topographical Study of Monastic Economy – Approaches and Problems

11.00 Coffee break

11.15 Morning session II

Pawel KRAS: The Foundation and organisation of the Mendicant convents in medieval Poland: achievements and research perspectives

Darko KARAČIĆ: Medieval Bosnian Franciscan churches and friaries

12.40 Lunch break

13.30 Afternoon session

FEDELES Tamás: Die Sakraltopographie einer mittelalterlichen
Bischofstadt: Kirchen, Kapellen, Klöster und Spital in
Fünfkirchen (Pécs)

Petr ELBEL: Die kirchliche Topographie einer anderen bischöflichen Stadt: Kirchen, Kapellen, Klöster und Spitäler im spätmittelalterlichen in Olmütz

14.50 Coffee break

15.00 Poster session and final discussion

ARADI Csilla: An attempt to reconstruct the medieval ecclesial organisation of Somogy county

STIBRÁNYI Máté: The church, and the road leading to it. The
relationship of the road system and the church

SZABÓ Noémi Gyöngyvér: Ecclesiastical organisation of the medieval archdeaconry of Pata as reflected in the settlement system

TARI Edit: Methodological problems of the topography of wooden churches in the Carpathian Basin

URBÁN Máté: Topography of pilgrimage places in late medieval Hungary

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