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What Happened?

The Supernatural and Its Visual Representation in the Middle Ages (Interdisciplinary Workshop)

Inaugural meeting of CARMEN

News Histories of Politics. Topics, Theories, and Methods in the History of Politics beyond Great Events and Great Men (Graduate Conferences in European History)

Diplomacy in the countries of the Angevin Dynasty in the Thirteenth-Fourteenth Centuries (International Conference)

International Workshop on Trends in the Research and Teaching of Historical Ecology in Central Europe (International Workshop)

Fauna and Urban Space - Animals as Material Culture in the Middle Ages 4 - (Interdisciplinary Workshop)

On the Road to reconstructing the Past (Conference)

Identity and Alterity in the Making and Practice of Cults (Conference)

From Holy War to Peaceful Co-habitation. Diversity of Crusading and the Military Orders (SUN)

European Iconography East and West: The Iconology of Law and Order (International Conference)


Fifteen Years of Medieval Studies

Centre and Periphery in the age of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos: from De caerimoniis to De administrando imperio ( International Symposium)

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