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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Monday, March 12, 2007
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Poster Presentations
March 11-13, 2007

The Supernatural and Its Visual Representation in the Middle Ages

Monument Building, Popper Room


Medieval Studies Department, CEU & Program of Religious Studies, CEU

Contact person(s):
Gerhard Jaritz


Supernatural phenomena and causalities played an important role in medieval society. Religious practice was relying upon a set of cult images and the sacral status of these depictions of divine or supernatural persons became the object of heated debates and provoked iconoclastic reactions. The miraculous intervention of saints or other divine agents, the wondrous realities beyond understanding, or the manifestations of magic attributed to diabolic forces, were contained by a variety of discourses, described and discussed in religion, philosophy, chronicles, literature and fiction, etc., and also in a large number of visual representations and material objects. This latter set is the object of our enquiry, where such manifestations in Latin and Eastern Christianity will also be compared to the more reserved attitude of Arabic and Jewish culture to the visual representation of the supernatural.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Opening remarks: Nadia Al-Bagdadi (CEU, RSP) and the organizers

Chair: Maria Craciun (CEU)

Melis Taner (Department of Medieval Studies, CEU): Ways of Looking and Different Possibilities of Meaning in Art: The Case of the Three Magi

Kristina Potuckova (Department of Medieval Studies, CEU): Functions of the Image in Sacred Space: Virgin Martyrs in Upper Hungarian Gothic Art

Edina Eszenyi (Department of Medieval Studies, CEU): Not Sacred and Not Profane: The Devil in Medieval Hungarian Paintings of Saint Michael

Chair: Nadia Al-Bagdadi (CEU)

Lejla Bajramovic (Department of History, CEU): Five Miniatures of the Diwan of Hafiz from Sarajevo: From Profane to Sacred

Adam Mestyan (Department of History, CEU): Images of an Empire: Ceremonial Art of Egypt in the Nineteenth Century?

Discussion: Finbarr Barry Flood, Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Maria Craciun, Gerhard Jaritz and Faculty

Keynote Lecture

Finbarr Barry Flood (New York University): Figures as Flowers: Nature, Animation and the Impact of the Bilderverbot on Islamic Art

Monday, March 12, 2007


Chair: Gábor Klaniczay (CEU)

Norbert Schnitzler (Technical University, Chemnitz): Ocular Paradigms in Theology, Piety, and Paintings

Chair: Finbarr Barry Flood (New York University)

Eszter Spät (CEU): The Standard of the Peacock Angel: a Yezidi Symbol of Divinity, Communal Identity and Earthly Authority

Ágnes Kríza (ELTE, Budapest): May the Holy Trinity Be Represented? On the Reception of Andrei Rublev's Trinity in Orthodox Theology

Chair: Norbert Schnitzler (Technical University, Chemnitz)

Gábor Klaniczay (CEU): The Painted Image of Miracle (Actors, Time and Space)

Joan Holladay (University of Texas): Representing the Supernatural – Reticently: The Miracles of St. Louis in the Vie et Miracles Manuscript, BNF fr. 5716

Dóra Sallay (CEU): From Late Antique Rhetoric to Medieval Vision: Saint Jerome as a Heavenly Messenger

Chair: Béla Zsolt Szakács (CEU)

Péter Bokody (CEU): ... o chiami con la mano a vedere - Statues Explaining the Meaning of a Miracle in Early Trecento Painting

György E. Szőnyi (University of Szeged and CEU): The Reincarnations of Enoch from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (Christian and Jewish Traditions)

Luminita Bejenaru (University of Iaşi): The Image of the Dragon

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chair: Gerhard Jaritz (CEU)

Torstein Jørgensen (CMS, Bergen): The Idea and Role of the Supernatural in the Texts of Old Norwegian Provincial Laws

Jonas Wellendorf (CMS, Bergen): Religious Imagery in the Old Norse Song of the Sun [Sólarljóð]

Maria Craciun (University of Cluj and CEU): Depictions of Angels in Transylvanian Altarpieces from the Late Medieval Period

Chair: Joan Holladay (University of Texas)

Aleksandr E. Makhov (Institute of Scientific Information in the Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow): The Devil’s Faces

Helmut Hundsbichler (Austrian Academy of Sciences): The Visual Closeness of Devils

Chair: József Laszlovszky (CEU)

Béla Zsolt Szakács (CEU): Supernatural Figures Incognito

Gerhard Jaritz (CEU and Austrian Academy of Sciences): The Image of the Supernatural, or, Representing Distance and Closeness

Final Discussion

Book presentation

Giedre MICKUNAITE: Making a Great Ruler. Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, Budapest, CEU Press, 2006

Poster Presentations

Zsófia Buda (CEU): Heavenly Envoys: the Visual Appearance of Angels in Jewish Evidence

Károly Goda (ELTE, Budapest): Contacts with the Supernatural: Textual and Visual Representations from Sixteenth-Century Western Pannonia'

Ana Maria Gruia (CEU and New Europe College, Bucarest): Stove Tiles and the Supernatural

Robert Kurelic (CEU): Abominations in Stone

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