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  Tuesday, May 23, 2006 14:00 p.m.

Medieval Studies in the Post-Soviet Ukraine: Trends and Contexts

Faculty Tower, Room #409


Elena Rusina

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

The lecture will focus on the current achievements and failures in the studies of Ukraine’s Middle Ages, challenges imposed by cultural and political situation in contemporary Ukraine, the impact of political developments on historical agenda, present-day historical imagery and nascent historical mythology, problems of “demonopolization” of the field by marginal researchers and dilettantes

Elena Rusina
PhD: 1991, Institute of Ukrainian History
Specialization: history of Ukraine in 14-16th centuries (regional history, political and genealogical issues)
senior research associate at Institute of Ukrainian History (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev)

Publications (All books in Ukrainian)
1. Studies on History of Kiev and Kievan Principality – Kiev, 2005.
2. Clio Unfamiliar - Kiev, 2002. (in co-authorship)
3. Siver Land within the Framework of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - Kiev, 1998.
4. Ukraine under the Tatars and Lithuania - Kiev, 1998. Awarded by the National Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science (2001).
4. Ukrainian History in Portraits: Period of the Lithuanian and Polish Supremacy - Kiev, 1997. (ed.)
5. At the Cross-roads: Mid-15th - mid-16th Centuries - Kiev, 1994. (ed.)
6. The Dark Ages: 14th - mid-15th Centuries - Kiev, 1993. (ed.)

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