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May 12-14, 2006

CEU Graduate Conference in the Humanities and Social Studies


Department of History, CEU, Budapest & Medieval Studies Department, CEU, Budapest

Contact person(s):
Cristian-Nicolae Daniel


The First Annual CEU Graduate Conference is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to cultural and political discourses, social groups, and institutional/individual agency in relation to the concepts of ‘power,’ ‘state,’ and ‘society.’ The theme of the conference is broadly designed in order to address the various fields of study from the humanities, as well as social sciences.

This year’s applicants are encouraged to address the concepts of ‘power,’ ‘state,’ and ‘society’ by concentrating on the interplay of the political and cultural discourses, the social groups, and individual, economic and bureaucratic agency. Both case studies and comparative approaches are welcomed.

Panels may be organized with the following possible themes (please, note that the list is open to change):

• Comparative approaches to the past and/or society: diffusion and reception of ideas e.g. the discourse of nationalism;
• Technologies of ruling: frameworks of thinking, forms of governamentality, institutions for policing and/or isolation;

• State, church and society;
• Memory and history: the role of representations and interpretations;
• Entangled histories: identities, sites of memory, social change;
• Society and economy: diffusion and reception of goods (e.g. merchant histories);
• Gender and citizenship;

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