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April 29 - October 30, 2005 Tuesday - Sunday 10:00a.m. - 18:00p.m.

Animals in the Human World

Aquincum Museum, III. Szentendrei út 139.


Alice M. Choyke

The lives of animals and people have been intertwined since the beginning of human history. People hunted animals, eating their flesh and using their hides for making shelters and clothing. There are also Paleolithic cave paintings and carvings showing that animals had already come to symbolize connections with the supernatural world. The line between what is human and what is animal became blurred as people attributed human characteristics and behavior to animals – as we still do today. Archaeozoology is the science which attempts to connect the bare bones of these animals found during excavations with the lives of ancient people, in order to understand both the practical and symbolic importance of animals in their day to day existence. The part of the exhibit dealing with animals in Roman life may be seen at the Aquincum museum until October 30 of this year. The exhibit dealing with animals in medieval life will open in October in the Budapest Historical Museum building in the Buda castle.

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