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  Tuesday, March 29, 2005 17:30 p.m.

Rock Monasteries of Moldova. Case Study: Orcheiul Vechi

Faculty Tower, Room # 409


Sergiu Musteata

“Ion Creanga” State University, Chisinau, Moldova

The rock monuments from Southeastern Europe represent an important part of world cultural heritage and a large number of them are have been taken into special evidence by UNESCO and other national and international bodies. This type of monument is archaeologically recorded from five to four thousand years BC. A significant number of them are located in the Carpathian-Balkan area and consist of ancient sanctuaries, churches, temples, hermitages or medieval monastic complexes. The rock monasteries are characteristic of the epoch of the spread of Christianity, some of them maintaining their function until today. The complexes of sacred rock architecture from the Republic of Moldova situated in the limestone terraces of the Dniester and Raut Rivers are also included in this framework.

Prof. Musteata, who is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Special Extension Programs, will present the rock monasteries of Moldova, their historical evolution, and area of spread and architectural features. His study will draw a real picture of this cultural phenomenon in its relationship with specific historical timing and events and in comparison with other regions. During the lecture he will draw attention to the Orheul Vechi Rock Monasteries as a representative example.

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