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Supplementary Examination

Due to the need for additional skills, applicants to the Department of Medieval Studies may be required to take a special exam depending on the nature of their research interests. The examination will be held on March 14, 2009, after the institutional TOEFL. Applicants who cannot take the CEU-administered examination will be notified of special arrangements.

Language exams are not primarily intended as a device for determining whose applications will be successful. They are, rather, designed to serve as an assessment of your language skills, so that we may both help students arrange their language classes for the academic year and make certain that students have sufficient skills in the appropriate language to pursue their research plans. Therefore, in addition to the general CEU admission requirements applicants are expected to prove that they have a basic knowledge of the languages of medieval sources.

(i) The Latin exam consists of a Medieval Latin text – ca. 10-15 lines to be translated into English with the help of a Latin dictionary and of the notes provided on the exam paper. The working time is 100 minutes. In addition to this, the candidates will be required to give a morphological analysis of 5 to 10 verbal forms contained in the text and specified on the exam paper; a model for the morphological analysis will also be provided.

(ii) Greek :
c)Translation test of a Postclassical or Medieval Greek text – ca. 10-15 lines with the help of any Ancient Greek dictionary and of the notes provided on the exam paper. Working time: 100 minutes. In addition to this the candidates will be required to provide a morphological analysis of 5-10 verbal forms specified on the exam paper according to the model provided.

(iii) Old Church Slavonic:
Translation test - ca. 14-16 lines; working time: 100 minutes. The use of any Old Church Slavonic dictionary is allowed.

The classical language test selection depends very much on the thesis proposal and the candidate’s future interest. Therefore, the choice of the language in which the applicant will be tested is at the Selection Committee’s discretion. In individual cases the applicant's knowledge of Biblical Hebrew or Classical Arabic may be tested if relevant for the candidate's research topic.

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