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MA students 2009-2010

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PHD students

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PhD Defenses

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Student representatives

Students are represented at the university level by a Student Council, a Student Dormitory Council, and a student representative to the Faculty Senate, and a Departmental MA Student representative (one each for 1Y and 2Y programs). The Student Council exists to provide student feedback and input to the University’s Central Administration on academic and non-academic issues. It consists of two student representatives from each department or program (one Ph.D. and one MA student), and it elects a student representative to the Faculty Senate. The student representative to the Senate represents all students and reports on issues of general student concern. For further information regarding the Student Council, students should turn to either Student Services or to the website of the Student Union: A separate Student Dormitory Council is elected to provide student input and feedback to the central administration on student dormitory issues. For further information please contact the Residence Centre ( The Departmental Student Representatives are supposed to address the Departments directly with student problems.


MA students 2007/2008

ADAM, Edina (Hungary)
The Use of Visual Aids and “Verbal Images” in the Preachingof Pelbartus de Themeswar (1504)
Supervisor: KLANICZAY, G.

BENCZE, Unige (Romania)
Central-European Import Ceramics in Transylvania (14-15th century)
Supervisors: LASZLOVSZKY, J. & SZENDE, K.

CISMAS, Sabina(Romania)
The Image of the Prince in Religious Representations
Supervisor: JARITZ, G.

COVACI, Valentina (Romania)
Giles of Rome's de Ecclesiastica Potestate and the Papal Theoratic Pattern of Government
Supervisors: SAGHY, M. & AL-AZMEH, A.

CSIKOS, Veronika (Hungary)
Gothic statues of the Golden Mary Chapel at Pecs
Supervisors: SZAKACS, B. Zs. & LASZLOVSZKY, J.

ERKOC, Seda (Turkey)
Account of Slaves in 16th Century
Supervisors: SZŐNYI, Gy. E. & SEBŐk, M.

FERENCZI, Ilona (Romania)
The Reign of Queen Mary in the Carmen of Monaci
Supervisors: SÁGHY, M. & KLANICZAY, G.

GHEGOIU, Silviu (Romania)
Perception of Heretics in 13-14th c. Hungary and Central Europe
Supervisor: KLANICZAY, G.

KOZLOWSKI, Wojciech (Poland)
Hungarian Angevins and Poland
Supervisors: NAGY, B. & KLANICZAY, G. & SAGHY, M.

Before the Cattle Trade: Animals and People in Thirteenth Century Muhi
Supervisors: CHOYKE, A & LASZLOVSZKY, J.

MANOLOVA, Divna (Bulgaria)
Sophonias Philosoper on the Essence of the Soul in Aristotle's De Anima
Supervisor: GEREBY, Gy.

MERCAN, Ozden (Turkey)
Letter of Pius II to Mehmed the Conqueror
Supervisors: AL-AZMEH, A. & SEBŐK, M. & LASZLOVSZKY, J.

MIHAILESCU, Alin (Romania)
Scientia and Caritas in the Mystical Hermeneutics of St. Augustine
Supervisor: GEREBY, Gy.

MINETS, Yuliya (Ukraine)
Palladius' Strategis of Biblical Interpretation to Promote an Ideal of Christian Life
Supervisors: GASPAR, C. & GAUL N.

POLETS, Iryna (Ukraine)
The Author's Religious Thinking as Depicted in "The Legend of Holy Grail"
Supervisors: SÁGHY, M. & JARITZ G.

SNYDER, Parker (USA)
Early Cistercian Networking and Systems' Building
Supervisors: LASZLOVSZKY, J., JARITZ, G.

SPOLJARIC, Luka (Croatia)
Religious Otherness in the Works of William of Tyre
Supervisor: LASZLOVSZKY, J.

TOLAR, Tanja (Slovenia)
Representations of the Seated Ruler in Norman Sicily Comparative Perspectives: Islam to Christianity
Supervisor: AL-AZMEH, A.

VIDOVIC, Goran (Serbia)
The Intellectual Implications of the Querolus in Its Late Antique Context
Supervisors: GASPAR, C. & GAUL, N.

15-year Reunion (March 6-8, 2009)

Dear Alumna and Alumni!

The Department of Medieval Studies was founded fifteen years ago.
We cordially invite you to the reunions.Come, celebrate with us!

Some contribution will be charged for the events.

Please bring your memories, photos, kids’ pictures, publications, offprints – and yourself! Or send your funniest pictures of your CEU MEDSTUD year in an electronic form to

More information about the programs are available at the EVENTS chapter.

Alumni meeting (July 3-7, 2003)

- Round table discusion by the participants of the research project on The Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages in post Central and Eastern Europe

- Exhibition in the Galeria Centralis - Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages

- Conference on The Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages in post-‘89 Central and Eastern Europe

- Meeting of the Academic Advisory Board Members

- Modern Middle Ages: Field Trips to Esztergom and Visegrád (tournament, Royal Garden Party

- East Central European Medieval Studies Network Project Proposal

- Discussion with Alumni

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